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It's time to redefine how we build our teams, projects, organizations, and communities.
Let's bring your ideas to life. The choice is yours

Bringing Ideas

Clients and Partners

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Are you struggling with any of these challenges:

Lack of Clear Purpose & Directions

Set a bold vision, goals and align your teams around your bigger why. 

High amount of Rework, Cost,  Complexity and Project Recycle

Frame projects early in the project lifecycle and execute those with a clear value proposition, strategic fit and stakeholder's alignment

Poor Team Engagement

Set clear expectations, values, norms, and beliefs for every team to foster teamwork and drive results. Build internal capabilities so that people can be more productive.

Our Services

The majority of our clients are energy companies with a project-driven business model. We occasionally work with associations and SMEs. We offer four ways for you to work with us. 

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Organizational Strategies

We work with Leadership and Teams to define strategies for growth with a clear action plan.

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Opportunity Framing

We help develop complex projects better and faster by framing them right at the start with the key stakeholders.

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We build internal capabilities so that people can do what we do.

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We coach 1:1 in facilitating inclusive meetings.

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How effective your Team really is?

 Download this self-evaluation questionnaire and find out how effective your team is. This survey is based on the groundbreaking research conducted and published by Google  company in 2016 ("The Aristotle Project")

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Accomplishment Snapshot


Years of Industry Experience


Workshops Facilitated


Value of Projects Facilitated


People Mentored on Facilitation Skills


People Trained in Stage-Gated Process

About Iwona

A master facilitator, trainer, strategist, and author, with a mission to transform workplaces into spaces where people feel empowered, work together well, and can achieve success, especially in times of uncertainty or conflict.

I serve business leaders and project managers to help them make the best possible decisions – based on clarity and alignment. Day by day, project by project, one decision after another, using a new way to get things done we can transform the ways we build our teams, plan projects, collaborate, and achieve success.


Since I have found what makes a difference between strategy execution and strategy development, all I want to do is

to share that with You.

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“Iwona has excellent facilitation skills and she appropriately built momentum as the workshop progressed and with good results. Takes a very customer focused approach which is good to see. The upfront engagement was valuable and useful”

Ian Sylvester, Reservoir Manager

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