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Ignite Collaboration, Foster Clarity, and Roadmap a Path to Success: Empowering Project Teams As Part of Early Project Planning.


"No matter how good the team or how efficient the methodology, if we’re not solving the right problem, the project fails.”
Woody Williams

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At Wilson Biz Consulting

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Opportunity Framing Workshops are used for early project planning and to bring key decision-makers, the team, and stakeholders together in a professionally facilitated setting to understand, explore, articulate, and align upon what the project frame is about.

We specialize in bringing project teams together, unleashing their collective wisdom, and guiding them through dynamic and highly productive sessions.

Our facilitation expertise drives clarity, alignment, and establishes a clear roadmap for project success.

Through our facilitation process, we help your teams gain a deep understanding of project objectives, value drivers, scope, givens and assumptions, understand strategic fit, iand establish a shared vision. We navigate through complexities, identify potential roadblocks, opportunities and collectively develop strategies to overcome challenges. 

The outcome? A cohesive project team that is aligned, motivated, and equipped with a robust roadmap for success. Our dynamic facilitation techniques drive consensus, foster efficient decision-making, and enable your team to execute projects with precision and confidence.

Project Managers, Does It Sound Familiar?

  • Jumping to conclusions too quickly without understanding what we are trying to achieve and why

  • Making decisions using unconscious assumptions

  • Misalignment between the team doing the work and leadership groups providing funding


  • Team feeling overwhelmed by not knowing what to focus on first

  • Teams falling into a groupthink trap. Decisions are frequently made by the same, most vocal person. Teams repeatedly drift toward a particular idea, and they fail to recognize contradictory information or better solutions.


  • Lack of early planning that results in poor services, frustration and even lack of funding or misalignment.


  • Executing projects or initiatives without having a clarity on the purpose and what our customers want

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Watch Our Short Video on Opportunity Framing Workshop

Our facilitation expertise together with a well designed opportunity framing workshop, drives clarity, alignment, and establishes a clear roadmap for project success.

5 Benefits From Using Opportunity Framing Workshops:

  • Clarity and Direction
    Strategic planning workshops provide a structured framework for evaluating your organization's current position, setting goals, and defining a clear direction for the future. Through guided discussions and activities, participants gain a deeper understanding of the organization's purpose, values, and strategic priorities. This clarity helps align efforts, ensuring that everyone is working towards a common vision.
  • Alignment and Focus
    Strategic planning workshops facilitate alignment among key stakeholders and team members. By involving a diverse group of participants, including leaders, managers, and employees, the workshop encourages collaboration and shared ownership of the strategic goals. Through collaborative discussions, participants gain a deeper understanding of each other's perspectives, build consensus, and focus efforts on the most critical initiatives.
  • Identification of Opportunities and Risks
    Strategic planning workshops provide an opportunity to analyze the internal and external factors that can impact the organization's success. By conducting a thorough assessment of the market, competition, and industry trends, participants can identify new opportunities for growth and innovation. Additionally, the workshop allows for a comprehensive evaluation of potential risks and challenges, enabling proactive measures to mitigate them.
  • Improved Decision-Making
    The strategic planning workshop fosters a structured approach to decision-making. Participants engage in data-driven analysis, explore alternative options, and evaluate the potential outcomes of different strategic choices. This process promotes critical thinking, encourages informed decision-making, and reduces the reliance on subjective opinions. As a result, the organization can make more strategic and well-informed decisions.
  • Engagement and Ownership
    Involving employees in the strategic planning process through workshops enhances their sense of engagement and ownership. When employees have the opportunity to contribute their ideas, perspectives, and expertise, they feel valued and connected to the organization's mission. This involvement fosters a culture of collaboration and empowers employees to take ownership of the strategic initiatives, increasing their commitment and motivation to drive the organization's success.
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4 Phase Approach (PATH) To Opportunity Framing 

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Phase 1

  • Assemble Core Team

  • Collect Data 

  • Plan Workshop






Set a solid foundation to start the framing on the right foot.

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Phase 2

  • Identify Issues

  • Create Value

  • Set Boundaries


Understand the current landscape to build a valuable project scope

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Phase 3

  • Define Success

  • Clarify Decisions

  • Identify Options


Formulate project targets and options to achieve project vision

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Phase 4

  • Develop Roadmap

  • Map Stakeholders

  • Plan Actions





Integrate plans, people and processes


Tony Ryan,
Woodside Energy, Project Manager,

Greater Enfield FEED
Framing Update

This workshop gave our team a great opportunity to explore and buy into how we can achieve further acceleration of Greater Enfield FID, as requested by the CEO. We certainly achieved this on the day, aided very much by Iwona's facilitation."

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