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Introduction to Opportunity Framing

Learn about breakthrough type workshop that drives clarity on scope, stakeholders alignment and team engagement in the early phases of project lifecycle.

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This course is especially beneficial to:

  • project managers working in any phase of the project

  • project engineers working in any phase of the project

  • risk manager and risk engineers

  • functional managers involved in resource allocation for projects

  • decision makers involved in decision gates

  • project teams especially involved in the early project planning

  • anyone involved in the early project planning

  • anyone who is interested in collaborative ways of working leading to clarity, alignment and engagement

The objective of the course is to:

promote opportunity framing workshop as a breakthrough method used to frame any project, especially complex engineering projects

educate about the importance of the front-end phases to create a successful project

explain the commonly used framing tools

define the key roles in the process, including the role of a framing facilitator

introduction to basics in facilitation

introduce the stage-gated process and how the opportunity framing fits into this

This course can take between 3h to 1 day, and can be combined with 
the Introduction to Stage-Gated Process course

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