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Training courses:

Complex Projects

- The Winning Game Plan

There isn't a better way to learn about
the Stage-Gated Process then through a self-paced online course. 


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Learn a simple, repeatable, step-by-step system 
for capital projects requiring
multi-level stakeholder engagement.

This is an introduction to the most popular,
award-winning 5 phases innovation framework.

Watch this intro video to our online training course "Complex Projects - The Winning Game Plan".

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This course is for you, if you are:

  • In the oil and gas, chemical, nuclear, government or construction, working on complex projects requiring multi-level stakeholders engagement 

  • Development or Project Manager working at the Idea or a Concept stage 

  • A Decision-Maker responsible for Go/No Go project decisions

  • A Functional Manager responsible for resource management and allocation

  • A Framing Facilitator responsible for framing opportunities at the idea or concept stage

Does it sound like you?

  •  You already have the Stage Gated Process but it seems rigid, confusing and not followed

  • You have a high amount of rework, cost, hassle, and project recycle

  • You have a large number of Opportunities coming your way and you have limited resources

  • Your Projects are complex and you're unsure how to create alignment, clarity, and engagement with all the key stakeholders at the early stage

  • You have a high turnover of key project personnel

  • You want to better organize the work upfront that needs to be done in alignment with business priorities.

What's included in the course:

Module 1 - The Basics of Projects. Learn what is a project, what is a project lifecycle and how to move from project failure to project success. 

Module 2 - The Winning Game Plan. Learn about the Stage Gated Process, how to create an opportunity roadmap, and discover the key benefits.

Module 3 - The Key Roles and Responsibilities

Module 4 - The 6 Principles. Learn about front-end loading, strong gates, how to scale and integrate with Agile, the role of Top management, what is opportunity framing, and decision-making.

Module 5 - Front End Loading Phases in detail. Learn about the first three phases in detail, including the key elements, warning signs, deliverables, and what to expect at the gate review.

Templates and giveaways: Workbook, Deliverables Plan, Gate Reviews, Opportunity Framing Roadmap, Powerpoint slides, Build the Perfect Team - Self Evaluation Questionnaire, How to Facilitate Inclusive Meetings.

Bonus Material: What is the Uruk Platform? ( an introduction to the Uruk Platform, for those who want to take the management of the project lifecycle to the next level).

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