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Stage Gated

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Introduction to
Stage – Gated Process

Learn about the award wining 5 - phases framework for project and product development that helps organizations in deciding which projects to pursue at why time and why.

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This course is especially beneficial to:

  • project managers working in any phase of the project

  • project engineers working in any phase of the project

  • risk and quality manager and risk and quality engineers

  • functional managers involved in resource allocation for projects

  • decision makers involved in decision gates and project sanction

  • project teams involved in the early project planning

  • contract and process engineers coordinating the work of contractors and sub-contractors

  • anyone involved in the early project planning

  • anyone who is interested in collaborative ways of working leading to clarity, alignment, and engagement

The objective of the course is to:

understand why vast majority of projects fail

learn what is Stage Gated Process and how to use it

describe the Front-End Loading phases

explain the concept of decision -making at the gate and during the phase

learn how to scale the process for different projects

learn how to move from an idea to a project launch

understand the principles of Stage Gate Process

This course can take between 4h to 1 day, and can be combined with the Introduction to Opportunity Framing training course

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