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Generate stakeholder engagement, alignment and creativity to boost your business. We facilitate effective group discussions.



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All Hands In

At Wilson Biz Consulting

Our Group Facilitation Services provide stakeholders engagement to help you boost your business. Our experienced facilitators will work with your team to create an open and productive environment so that everyone's ideas are heard and considered. We will help you reach consensus, solve problems and make decisions that will bring the best results for your business and your stakeholders.

When Do You Need a Facilitator?

  • Your entire organization needs to be moving in one direction

  • Your team needs to be reengaged

  • You are faced by a change and are unsure of how best to respond

  • You are looking for an organizational review or team assessment or as part of your annual review

  • Strategy and Business Development Plans

  • Ideas Brainstorming

  • Early Project Planning

  • Project Kick off Meetings

  • Lessons Learned

  • Leadership Day-Aways

  • Change Initiatives

  • Board Review

  • Problem solving

  • Action Planning

  • Project Charter

  • Mission, Vision and Values Identification

  • Project Feasibility and Options analysis

  • Stakeholders Identification and Engagement

  • Scenario Planning

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What Is The Role Of A Facilitator?

A professional facilitator is the key to successful group discussions. Their role is to ensure that all participants are heard, that the conversation is productive, and that the group achieves its objectives. Facilitators help groups to identify objectives, brainstorm solutions, and come to a consensus in a respectful and positive way.

5 Benefits From Working With Facilitators:

  • Clarity and Direction
    Strategic planning workshops provide a structured framework for evaluating your organization's current position, setting goals, and defining a clear direction for the future. Through guided discussions and activities, participants gain a deeper understanding of the organization's purpose, values, and strategic priorities. This clarity helps align efforts, ensuring that everyone is working towards a common vision.
  • Alignment and Focus
    Strategic planning workshops facilitate alignment among key stakeholders and team members. By involving a diverse group of participants, including leaders, managers, and employees, the workshop encourages collaboration and shared ownership of the strategic goals. Through collaborative discussions, participants gain a deeper understanding of each other's perspectives, build consensus, and focus efforts on the most critical initiatives.
  • Identification of Opportunities and Risks
    Strategic planning workshops provide an opportunity to analyze the internal and external factors that can impact the organization's success. By conducting a thorough assessment of the market, competition, and industry trends, participants can identify new opportunities for growth and innovation. Additionally, the workshop allows for a comprehensive evaluation of potential risks and challenges, enabling proactive measures to mitigate them.
  • Improved Decision-Making
    The strategic planning workshop fosters a structured approach to decision-making. Participants engage in data-driven analysis, explore alternative options, and evaluate the potential outcomes of different strategic choices. This process promotes critical thinking, encourages informed decision-making, and reduces the reliance on subjective opinions. As a result, the organization can make more strategic and well-informed decisions.
  • Engagement and Ownership
    Involving employees in the strategic planning process through workshops enhances their sense of engagement and ownership. When employees have the opportunity to contribute their ideas, perspectives, and expertise, they feel valued and connected to the organization's mission. This involvement fosters a culture of collaboration and empowers employees to take ownership of the strategic initiatives, increasing their commitment and motivation to drive the organization's success.
a client giving feedback


Hannes Barnard,
Woodside Energy, Risk and Governance Manager, 2016,

I had to pleasure to work with Iwona in several roles including framing the $16 billion Scarborough Project and she also facilitated a series of strategic planning workshops for my team of nine direct reports.

I was extremely pleased with the way Iwona facilitated the later in a sensitive and delicate way. I became the leader of a dysfunctional team during a time of change within our organization. We needed someone that is external from the team to facilitate discussion to help our team confront our performance issues (somewhere delicate), how our customers are seeing us, understand the root causes that hamper our performance.

Iwona planned and facilitated three workshops over an 12 month period and conducted several one-on-one interviews that helped my team to develop a clear sense of purpose, a good understanding of how each person's role contribute to that purpose, we set clear priorities on what to focus on including easy wins. We managed to better leverage the diversity in skills and thinking within the team, set clear performance expectations with clear action plans to secure positive outcomes while cultivating a sense of belonging that came to life in the way we worked and backed each other up. The end result was a team that loved what they were doing, where team achievements were celebrated and where individuals own performances and careers were rejuvenated. We could not have done it without Iwona,

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