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Just a little bit about me, Iwona [Evona}

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Ignite Your Organization's Growth with a Passionate Facilitator

Born and raised in Poland, I've always been captivated by the secrets behind a company's success. Why do some organizations outperform others? What sets them apart? These burning questions propelled me into the realm of quality management systems and principles within the oil and gas industry.

Working on diverse projects, particularly during the critical FEED and EXECUTE phases in the UK, I uncovered a common obstacle: poor early project planning. Decisions made or neglected during this stage often hindered project execution. I became determined to enhance project success rates by helping teams navigate the journey from ideation to concept, development, and finally, asset realization.

My vision is to transform workplaces into thriving environments where empowerment, collaboration, and open communication thrive. This passion has driven me to collaborate with Australia's largest energy producer as an internal facilitator, trainer, and advisor, focusing on their stage-gate process. For over a decade, I worked in Perth, designing, coaching, and facilitating workshops for decision makers, executive teams, project teams, contractors, stakeholders, and communities.

Witnessing the transformative power of early project planning and facilitation, I've realized their ability to foster positive outcomes and cultivate high-performing teams.


In 2019, my adventurous family and I embarked on a new journey, moving to Coastal Bend in Texas. Little did we know that the world would soon face the challenges of Covid-19, emphasizing the urgent need for education and promotion of facilitation as a vital team-driven approach.

In 2023 we moved again and I am thrilled to bring my expertise to South West Florida, eager to support local and international clients in new and innovative ways. Together, we can enhance teamwork, drive exceptional project and program execution, and profoundly impact your organization's bottom line, employee engagement, well-being, business results, and the communities we serve.

By the end of 2024, our goal is to transform 500 organizations. Will yours be among them? Let's embark on this transformative journey together.


  • Masters Degree of Science in Economics and Engineering, Poland

  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, Australia


  • Internationally Certified Facilitator (since 2016) 


  • International Association of Facilitators

  • Technology of Participation Network 

  • Project Management Institute (PMI) Coastal Bend, President (2023-2025)

Books Published:

  • "Ordinary meetings don't interest me. Creative group leadership. Book 1 - What is Facilitation" (2016 Amazon No 1 Bestseller)


At Wilson.Biz, our vision is a world, in which we see professional facilitation used throughout the world to address the challenges faced by the people in their groups, organizations, and communities.

We are recognized as the top facilitation company in Texas and Florida.


Our mission is to find effective solutions to organizational challenges using facilitation, training, and a good strategy.

Our values and beliefs

  1. Client Service 

We work closely with our clients to understand their expectations so that we provide the appropriate service and the group can produce the desired outcomes.

  2. Group Autonomy 

We respect the group's culture, rights, and autonomy of the group. We do not impose anything that risks the welfare and dignity of the participants, the freedom of choice of the group, or the credibility of its work.

  3. Processes, Methods and Tools

We design processes, use methods, and tools that will achieve the group's goals, and select and customize the appropriate approaches.

  4. Diversity and Inclusion 

We are an inclusive organization. We are open to different views, perspectives, and approaches and use collaborative processes which help our clients promote diversity and inclusion.

  5. Respect, safety, and trust 

We strive to create an open, respectful, and safe environment where all participants trust that they can speak freely and where individual boundaries are honored. We seek to have all relevant stakeholders represented and involved.

  6. Stewardship of process

While participants bring knowledge and expertise concerning the topic, we bring our expertise concerning group interaction and how decisions can be made.

  7. Confidentiality

We maintain the confidentiality of information.  Therefore, we do not share information about a client within or outside of the client's organization, nor do we report on the group content, or the individual opinions or behavior of the group without consent.

  8. Professional development

We continuously learn and grow. We seek opportunities to improve our knowledge, facilitation, and training skills to better assist groups in their work. 

Our values and beliefs are fundamentally aligned with the values of the International Association of Facilitators, which we are members of.

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