Just a little bit about me

Hi, I'm Iwona and just like you I'm filling a lot of different roles in a day

I was born in Poland under the communist system during times when the collective interest of the people was determined not by the people themselves, but by the communist party and was often aimed against individual rights. It was a system under which people felt suppressed; they had limited freedom of speech, press, and assembly.

When the communism was over, I watched both of my parents starting their own businesses as well as my uncles, aunties and cousins. It has always been fascinating for me to observe what makes one company win over another, why do some organizations perform better than others and what makes a real difference when it comes to success.

This inquiry led me to the world of quality management systems, processes and principles. When my student's organization which I set up was recognized as innovative by publishing the first ever studies on benefits and challenges in implementing ISO 9001 requirements, I knew I was onto something.

In 2002, I moved to the UK where I was climbing up the ladder working for the major EPC contractors in the oil and gas industry. I was fortunate to work on various projects especially in FEED and EXECUTE phases. This is when I first experienced that a lot of the challenges we have in project execution were because of the decisions that were made or not made in the early phases. I then discovered the need that I had to move from setting up structures for improvement to supporting people in those structures so they can improve themselves.

I created this vision for myself of me being happy; I mean truly happy and at peace, where I help groups of people work together better. This vision for transforming workplaces into places where people feel empowered, work together well and feel safe to fully self express themselves has become a driver behind many initiatives. This exercise of visioning was so liberating and the flame for change had bit lit up.

This led me to a journey of self discovery and accepting a job of a facilitator, trainer and an advisor for the largest energy producer in Australia. I spent over 10 years working in Perth, Australia designing, training, coaching and facilitating workshops for dozens of decision makers, leadership and project groups, stakeholder's groups, Indigenous Agencies, including local community. I truly loved my job as I saw how early project planning and facilitation can help achieve positive outcomes and create highly engaged teams. Whether the teams were working remotely or not, I saw how creating a safe and open space for conversations that matter can transform a team  from being average to highly performing.

In November 2019, together with my loving husband and two beautiful children we moved to Coastal Bend in Texas

to start our new adventure.

As a result of Covid -19, I believe that there is an urgent need to educate and promote facilitation as a way to get the team to do the work. By aiming to improve the teamwork, we improve the ways the projects and programs are done which has a direct impact on the organization bottom line, employees engagement and wellbeing.

This is why I feel very excited about the opportunity to bring my expertise to Texas and find new ways to support local as well as international clients. 



  • Masters Degree of Science in Economics and Engineering, Poland

  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, Australia


  • Internationally Certified Facilitator 


  • International Association of Facilitators

  • Technology of Participation Network

  • Portland Tx Chamber of Commerce

Books Published:

  • "Ordinary meetings don't interest me. Creative group leadership. Book 1 - What is Facilitation" (2016 Amazon No 1 Bestseller)

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11 things to know about my beliefs

  1. I do this because I love it  

I am a dreamer and doer who believes in relentlessly exploring what’s possible. I am passionate about helping people to work together better, I am playful and deeply invested in constant learning and development.

  2. I am here to change the world  

I believe that by helping people to work together better we can make a positive impact on our organizations, our communities, and ultimately the world. I believe facilitation should be taught from a young age and it’s a secret way to bring more joy, kindness and productivity to every workplace in the world.

  3. I don’t do mediocre 

I am obsessive about exceeding our client's expectations and going above and beyond for you.

  4. Trust is everything  

I will help you to elevate the teamwork and collaboration in your organization by involving everyone in planning the work and purposeful communication.

  5. I love my customers  

You’re the reason I exist. You help me create meaningful change in this world. I am obsessive about customer happiness, responding to emails and working non-stop to make sure you feel as valued, respected and appreciated as you truly are.  All my work with clients is confidential.

  6. I am not for everyone  

If you want to use facilitated workshops to make decisions that have already been made, do not call me. If you are not genuinely interested in what your team members have to say, do not call me either. Facilitation is a powerful tool and it needs to be used wisely to benefit the people, the planet and to bring the profit.

  7. I play my part in improving wellbeing of my clients 

I believe that I can contribute to improving the wellbeing, the mental state of your teams by helping your team members be heard, seen and by creating an open and safe space for conversations that matter to you all.

  8. I look up to my clients as their own source of genius and inspiration 

I believe that you can bring out the talents and valuable ideas from every team member by tapping into resources that might seem forgotten. During my facilitated workshops, it's you who bring the knowledge, and it's me who bring the structure and processes.

  9. ​I believe that all projects can be successful 

I believe that you can plan your projects in such a way that they can be highly successful. It’s all about doing the right projects and doing them right.

  10.  Facilitation is key

I believe that professional facilitation is the key to achieve diversity, equality, inclusion, strong teams and therefore strong communities.

  11. Giving back  

I believe that volunteering, giving back to the community is an important step in achieving fulfillment and happiness.