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  • Iwona Wilson

I wrote my First Bestseller book out of FRUSTRATION….

Zaktualizowano: 12 kwi 2022

Despite many books and programs available on topics of leadership, facilitation, strategy, employees’ engagement:

➡️How come leaders whether, in business, government or nonprofits still struggle to understand the role of a facilitator?

➡️How come people in teams whether, in business, government or nonprofits still struggle to feel engaged, get involved, and work together well?

This first book which is based on 25 interviews with my fellow Facilitators from Australia and New Zealand addresses the urgent need to educate the public about facilitation and introduces a new language:

💛"Process Leader” as a Facilitator

💙"Being Socially Intelligent” instead of “the Facilitative Approach”

❤️"Social Intelligence” in place of “Facilitation”

‘Social Intelligence is defined here as the capacity to effectively navigate and manage complex social relationships and environment”. How do you like the new language?

Do you want to find out more about Facilitation? I released the book Ordinary Meetings DON'T Interest Me!: What Is Facilitation? 📘 Order your copy today 🛒

“This book is more than a set of skills and techniques. It is about mindset, discipline, and approach. It is about reading other people and understanding the context. And It’s about relationships, which need to be built across workgroups and communities. People collaborate effectively where there is a sense of trust – and this is where a good facilitator comes in! “ – Philip Hind, Change Leader

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