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Are you Ready to Elevate Your Business
to the next level?

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Learn our exact process of creating a Strategic Plan that moved 100+ Executives and Teams from confusion to alignment, clarity, and engagement in less than 2 days.

     Who is this for?

CEOs, Executives, and Team Managers

You have a drive, desire, and the will to take your business to the next level ....but you're struggling to bring everyone and everything together on your own.

Watch this video and then schedule a call with us to discuss your situation.

I had my first job in 1995 working for my mom in her clothes shop and learned all about the importance of providing excellent customer service while having a positive attitude and great products.

Back then in Poland, it was a time when people did stuff "on the fly" and I did not know anything about strategic or business planning. You would say that it was a very top-down approach, my mom set the rules and I had to follow her steps if I wanted to get paid. It worked back then and maybe as I was her only employee.


Today, after 15 years of working in the oil and gas industry in the UK, Australia, and here in the USA Texas, in roles ranging from quality management auditing, and project governance to facilitation, strategy, training, and consulting, I saw the difference a good strategy can make on the people, projects and organizations, especially if the strategy is developed with the people (not for the people).

I also saw that by creating an open and safe space for people to express themselves fully, the process of developing strategies, setting goals, and executing their plans is often transformational. I created this video to explain the process that I have used with my clients for over 10 years and if it resonates with you, I’d love to work with you and find out more about your business and your experiences.

Best wishes

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“Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people”

Steve Jobs

5 benefits from Participatory Strategic Planning:

  • Clarity, directions, and focus for your organization and team
  • Drives alignment
  • Communicates messages
  • Feedback on how everyone is doing
  • Re-engages employees on priorities and purpose


“Iwona has excellent facilitation skills and she appropriately built
momentum as the workshop progressed and with good results. Takes a
very customer-focused approach which is good to see. The upfront

engagement was valuable and useful”

Ian Sylvester, Reservoir Manager

“Our workshop was conducted in a very enthusiastic and encouraging
manner and Iwona provided a style and process that allowed all participants

to be involved"

Jarod Monaghan, Supply Chain Manager

‘A very professional approach to facilitating workshops. The professionalism and
consistency enable us to deliver high-quality workshops. Stakeholders and
participants have all expressed their appreciation of the high quality of the

workshop for the GWA active fire protection”

Mike Stock, Brownfield Manager

We would like to commend Iwona for her outstanding contribution to the
success of our project, which will ultimately result in strong governance
standards for the Noongar corporations established as a result of South

West Native Title Settlement”

Wayne Nannup, CEO of the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council

“Very good at engaging the audience and enthusiastic. Very good at listening and ensuring people’s views are considered”

Eamonn McCabe, Development Planning Manager

‘Very happy with the output,

I got what I needed to help me with the next
steps going forward. I’ve had people from the session ask me later about
how to organize Iwona to help them with other exercises going forward.
They thought she enabled the discussions to open up, saw her value, and

thought it worked really well”

Brent Gardner, Logistics Manager

“I really appreciated Iwona facilitating the workshop for us. She spent time
with me and the team to appropriately prepare for the workshop and
challenged us on our thinking and approach which was really positive.
Iwona also managed to understand the high-level concepts very quickly

and successfully facilitated us on the day”

Herman de Jager, Risk and Governance Manager

I had to pleasure to work with Iwona in several roles including framing the
$16 billion Scarborough Project and she also facilitated a series of strategic

planning workshops for my team of nine direct reports.

As a result, we managed to better leverage the diversity in skills and
thinking within the team, and set clear performance expectations with clear
action plans to secure positive outcomes while cultivating a sense of
belonging that came to life in the way we worked and backed each other
up. The end result was a team that loved what they were doing, where
team achievements were celebrated, and where individuals’ own
performances and careers were rejuvenated. We could not have done it

without Iwona

Hannes Barnard,Woodside Energy, Risk and Governance Manager


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