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Opportunity Framing

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“No matter how good the team or how efficient the methodology, if we’re not solving the right problem, the project fails.” – Woody Williams


Who is this for ?

Business leaders, managers or entrepreneurs seeking a clear and effective framework to realize their opportunities, whether the opportunity be a new venture, complex project, or organizational initiative, Project Framing will help you to define how to complete the plan within a certain timeframe, with defined stages and using specific resources and approaches. A breakthrough type workshop is used for complex projects, where the solution is not obvious, stakeholders are potentially misaligned and large investments required to realize the value.

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Does it sound familiar ?​









Jumping to conclusions too quickly without understanding what we are trying to achieve and why

Making decisions using unconscious assumptions 

Misalignment between the team doing the work and leadership groups providing funding


Team feeling overwhelmed by not knowing what to focus on first


Teams falling into a groupthink trap. Decisions are frequently made by the same, most vocal person. Teams repeatedly drift toward a particular idea, and they fail to recognize contradictory information or better solutions.


Lack of early planning that results in poor services, frustration and even lack of funding or misalignment​.


Executing projects or initiatives without having a clarity on the purpose and what our customers want     

Framing Workshops bring key decision-makers, the team, and stakeholders together in a professionally facilitated setting to understand, articulate, and align upon the frame. These workshops are designed to be highly collaborative and result in organizations achieving alignment on common goals, and identifying key activities and decisions to effectively carry the project forward.

Framing workshop will help you and your leadership team to: 


Understand and agree on the purpose, issues, and scope of complex, high-impact opportunity 

Avoid solving the wrong problem, which results in wasted time, resources, or opportunities. 


Build the foundation for organizational alignment that will be critical to the successful execution of the decision when it is made. 


Learn about the importance of decision - making at any stage of the project, and how to improve it when needed.  

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