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Stop wasting time and money on low priority and unproductive activities.

Join a team of like minded people passionate about their business and I will show you how to build a winning strategic plan and solve problems to achieve the goals you want.

Most successful athletes, entrepreneurs, business people, coaches or facilitators understood this principle:

"The quality of a person’s life is most often a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group.”


To reach the top of the mountain, you need to surround yourself not only with those who have been there,

but also those who want to go there.

You become what you surround yourself with.

Your environment will become you.

Energies are contagious.

Choose carefully.




I’m a wife, mom, coffee and chocolate fanatic, but I’m also an author, professional facilitator, business strategist, trainer, networker and a small business owner.

I’ll just say is busy.

Just before COVID-19, we moved from Australia to Texas and then soon after, I left my well paid corporate job to set up my own business. …it felt exciting from the start, and I found a new purpose in life!

However, it wasn’t easy at all…

I struggled to find priorities for my business and time to get everything done juggling the home and business duties.

I did not know many people around, the people that I could trust to provide the coaching and feedback I was so craving.

I throw myself into every possible networking event in the area searching for customers and mentors but I still did not get my work done!


Until one day, when I decided to be intentional and strategic….. it changed everything.

I figured it out. Wanna know more? Shoot me an email on



The benefits of mastermind groups are vast. In our groups, members hold each other accountable for their goals – driving each other to reach the highest levels of success and are getting things done.

Build your network - You’ll be around other driven business people who will energize you to go after your goals. I encourage you to share business contacts and provide recommendations and references – a big help if you’re just starting out.

Share your ideas - Whether you’re thinking about starting a business, want to grow your existing one, or are starting to think about your exit strategy, we encourage sharing your ideas and get feedback. Our group will brainstorm with you, provide a different perspective and “poke holes” in your strategies that you may not have thought of.

Elevate your skills - we have businesspeople at different levels of success and with different strengths and weaknesses. This way, each member can lend their strengths to other members of the group and work on their weaknesses. Mastermind groups will help you question your limiting beliefs, face your fears and challenge you to do better, every day.

Get support to get things done - we are a resource you can tap into for support, advice, and celebration. Mastermind groups are a supportive community that celebrates your successes and understands your failures. They always encourage you to get back up again, and when you do achieve a goal, they’ll be there to celebrate your success.

Who is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches who are passionate about their business and seeking new ways to grow their business.


  • Those who might currently feel easily distracted by the things around them and are looking for clarity of actions, focus and to get things done.

  • Those who often work solo and are looking for the right kind of people to share their ideas with, ask questions and are willing to support others on their journey.

  • Those who are open to grow both professionally and personally.

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Who will not benefit?

  • Those aren't open to new ideas.


  • Those who are not ready to share about their goals.


  • For whatever reasons, those who are not ready to build a Strategic Plan.

  • Those who aren’t willing to work on a team and support others in their growth.



 ✔ Help to develop your own Strategic Plan for your business.


✔ Network of supportive peers to shape your plan, actions and approach to problem solving and creativity.

✔ Principles to create a strategic mindset and grow your business to 6 or 7 figures.

✔ 6 Weeks Red* workshops.

✔ 6 Weeks Hot* workshops.

✔ Accountability Partnering.


✔ Small groups 4- 6.

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Team Putting Fists Together In Huddle

12 Full Weeks of Support

First 6 weeks Red*

During the first 6 weeks we will be working weekly on our plans, goals and actions to have everyone develop their own strategic plans with clear directions.

** Bonus

Second 6 weeks Hot*

The second 6 weeks is to enhance the design, adopt a strategic mindset and embed the new habits, ways of working, taking actions and learning new ways to problem solving. We will also use Hot Seats and “shut up and write” meetings to elevate our performance.

** Bonus

There isn't any program like this currently on the market.

This isn’t just a lecture – it’s a real hands-on, professionally facilitated series of workshops where you’ll design your strategic plan to grow your business and help others to do the same. You will all be on the team to help one another!

There are only 6 people in a group. Will you be one of them?


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