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High Impact Teams 

Virtual Team Meeting

You Need This If:

  • You believe that your teams might fall into a groupthink trap. Decisions are frequently made by the same, most vocal person. Teams repeatedly drift toward a particular idea, and they fail to recognize contradictory information or better solutions.


  • There is a high rotation of personnel on the team or across the organization


  • There is a change that impacts the way the team members work


  • You need to reenergize the team or for effective team management

Designing great teams requires creating an psychologically open and safe environment for conversations that matter to the team. It’s about forming a culture where people can share ideas and communicate freely — and help each other improve bit by bit each day.

Example of Workshops:


      Warmups and icebreakers for effective team meetings      

      Understanding the issue      



      Team Action Planning      

      Team visioning      

Normally 5-10 hours over 1-3 weeks

Deliverable type
Team Planning Report

Did you know ?

80% of leaders believe their teams are failing to fulfill their potential. Connected and engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave the organization

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