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Facilitated workshops


Facilitated Workshops - the game changing solutions for your Organization, Project, Team and Community.

Set up your Team for success with a
professional facilitator and tools
for everyday projects of any scope.

Every time, from anywhere.

Tug of War

How to emerge stronger from COVID-19?


  Resolve COVID-19 impacts  

  Seek alignment and new strategies  

  Increase membership and funding  

  Plan projects and events effectively  

  Engage team and community online and offline  

Why facilitated workshops?

  • Individuals work differently alone versus in groups.

  • Too often, teams fall into a groupthink trap. Decisions are frequently made by the same, most vocal person.

  • Teams repeatedly drift toward a particular idea, and they fail to recognize contradictory information or better solutions.

I believe that professionally facilitated workshops can have an unprecedented value for an organization and are key to achieve diversity, equality, strong teams, organizations, and therefore strong communities.

“We would like to commend Iwona for her outstanding contribution to the success of our project which will ultimately result in strong governance standards for the Noongar corporations established as a result of South West Native Title Settlement”

– Wayne Nannup, CEO of the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council, Australia.

Facilitation, so what ?
I will design and deliver virtual and face to face workshops that address your unique needs.

Define Organizational strategies with clear directions to achieve alignment, agility and discover new ways to solve complex issues, refocus efforts and redefine the future

With the right tools, the right resources and approaches to project planning you will discover how to “frame” your project so it can get the funding or attention required. It’s all about doing the right projects and doing them right

Tapping into resources you already have is the key to achieving your goals faster. With my help you will learn how to enhance the talents you already have on your team, break silos and reinvent collaboration

“The power of Professional Facilitation can breakdown silos, transform the teams and improve whatever matters to you, your organization and your community”


– Iwona Wilson

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