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1:1 Coaching


Learn how to get the group to do the work in 1:1 coaching


"Leadership is not about being in charge but about taking care of the people you are in charge"


- Simon Sinek

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Who is it for?

  • Maybe you won't call yourself a professional facilitator but you do have a fair bit to do with groups.

  • Whether you are a team leader, a trainer, a speaker, or event organizer there are often times when you need to get the group to work together well so you can achieve desired outcomes

My Coaching


In my 1:1 coaching session, I will help you to:

  • identify and define your goals

  • prepare and structure your meetings or events where you need to facilitate and impress people participating

  • mitigate your fears, provide ideas on how to engage the group to work together well.

  • provide templates with icebreakers and ways to implement simple tools

  • gain confidence whether you stand in front of 20 people in the room or facilitate n online session.

  • learn about the basic ways to use ZOOM, WEBEX and googleslide.

  • practice your introductions and ways to work with people in small groups

  • Each session is designed to find new insights into what is currently happening.

Business Consultation

Free 30 min Discovery session 

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